If you have loud or high-pitched noises coming from your plumbing there may be a problem that needs attention. There are some common causes for most squeaks, shrieks, bangs or whistles. Here are a few common sounds and causes for your noisy pipes:

  1. Banging or vibrating pipes. If you hear your pipes banging within your walls pay attention to when it happens. If it only happens after you shut off the water it’s usually because the valve in the tap shuts very fast and forces the water to come to a very sudden stop. One of the best solutions is an anti-hammer driver or hammer arrester.
  2. Whistling pipes. If the banging on whistling happens with normal continuous water flow the problem may be a valve that naturally creates its own vibration. Every valve has a different flow rate. Pipes can also whistle when the water supplies force passed an obstruction in the pipe or if the pipe narrows. In either case, the only solution is to open up the plumbing. If there is a minimal buildup the pipes will need to be replaced, but if it’s just a blockage it may be possible to clear it without having to put new pipes in.
  3. Whistling taps. Whistling can also be caused by a loose washer in the faucet. The tent may need to be taken apart in the washer reposition or a new washer put in.
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