One unique situation that some homeowners find themselves in is living in a neighborhood that has a Homeowners Association, or HOA for short. There are many things that change when an HOA is involved. They might have a certain standard for how the homes and gardens of the neighborhood should look, including colors that can be used, and additions that can be built, just to mention a few. For some, having to live with someone else dictating the appearance of their home is too much to deal with, while others enjoy having a neighborhood that looks more uniform. Another issue that pops up in some neighborhoods with HOA’s is that they have the power to enforce non-judicial foreclosures on homes of those that don’t pay their dues. There have been some controversial cases where just minimal lapses in payment and poor communication has led to foreclosures that could have been avoided. It is possible to look at the history of foreclosures in a neighborhood to look for any red flags.

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What Every Home Buyer inFlorida Should Know

Buying a home in Florida? Then there is some important information you should know and that comes from a home inspector's point of view.

Buying a home is a big risk no matter how you look at it, but this information can make the difference between buying the home of your dreams... or ending up in a nightmare...

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