Buying new appliances isn’t cheap. If you add up the price of your fridge, washer, stove, microwave and similar appliances, you will probably end up with a handsome sum. Considering that cost is a good incentive for you to take good care of the appliances you have. While high quality appliances are fairly resilient, they could take damage if mishandled, not installed properly or altered in some way.

Ensuring good airflow around your appliances will make them last much longer, since heat can cut down the lifespan of your appliances significantly. If there are filters over air intakes, these might need cleaning or replacing regularly.

The cords of your appliances should be checked so that there are no loose wires or fraying sleeves. It is easy to run over the power cord of an appliance and not notice the damage done until it shorts out.

If your appliances start making noise that they didn’t before, you should have them looked at by a technician to see if they need repairing. If too much time passes, the problem will most likely get worse.

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