Trying to choose the right paint color for certain rooms at home can be very intimidating. There are several tips that you can use to help choose the right paint color and enjoy your choice for years to come.

A lot of us pick the paint color first before adding anything else to the room. However, it’s easier to choose the right color when you first think about the furnishings and the decor that will go in the room.

So get inspired,  perhaps make a board on Pinterest for every room in the house. The inspiration can come from almost anywhere. From a picture, a mug, a scene from a movie. The inspiration should come first and then choose the color secondly.

It’s always good to stick with neutral shades. But make sure you know where you want the color to come from. If the walls are going to be neutral then bring in color with accessories and furniture. If you want the wall to be very colorful then make sure that your furnishings and decor are neutral.

Realize that it’s OK to get testers. Testers are available in almost all colors and sizes. Make sure you get enough of the tester color to try on a few different walls so that you can see how it looks with the lighting on each surface. Keep the test area up for about a week and see if you still like the color based on the different times of the day and light.

These simple tips can be used to help you choose a paint color and make that choice very easily.

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