When you are confronted with something unknown and possibly dangerous, how do you react? Of course, your stress level goes up, and the adrenaline starts pumping through your veins to get you ready for action. Stress is a natural reaction, and it can actually serve a useful purpose, but the situation we currently find ourselves in is bringing a lot of stress with no resolution in sight, causing serious health side-effects.

So how can you keep stress from overwhelming you? There are a few things to practice that will help.

First, don’t immerse yourself in the news. While staying informed is important, obsessing over the news non-stop is only going to increase your stress. Disconnect and do something to get your mind off of things, such as a hobby or exercise.

It is also good to look at positive developments. We’re currently seeing a downturn in the number of new cases and deaths, so the worst could already be behind us.

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