There are lots of room makeovers that you can accomplish on a weekend. With Labor Day approaching that’s a long weekend for most home projects. Why not make plans to complete some simple makeovers that you can do to almost any space in a weekend or less. 

Here’s a list of makeovers that can be done quickly:

  • Hardware. Installing new hardware on your cabinets is so simple and easy to do. You can completely change the look of the world with such a subtle statement.
  • The foyer. The point of entry to the house shouldn’t go unnoticed. It’s a small space that you can transform in less than a week and get the possibilities are endless on foyer design.
  • Painting and/or wallpaper. Painting is a way to change up a room very easily. Maybe an accent wall or adding wallpaper to an area to change it up.
  • Tile. A cool way to update a bathroom is with ceramic tile. It’s an easy way to transform to look at the bathroom.\Of tile behind the sink won’t take longer than a weekend.
  • Interior doors. Makeover a room by simply painting the interior of your doors are trim. It’s a simple way to add a beautiful pop of color to any space. Try a dark color door if you have light-colored walls and it will make the room pop.
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