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Followup Inspection after rain storms

5.0 rating

I had my home inspected by Randy a few months ago prior to purchasing it. We had our roof replaced prior to the recent rainstorms and a small leak developed over our kitchen. We tried to contact the roofing company to have them come out and look at the problem and have had no response from them yet. So I contacted Randy to see if he could take a look and see if this is a chronic problem or just a fluke because of the horizontal rains we had. Randy not only agreed to come out to our home and look in our attic. He came out today (Sunday afternoon). He found that it was likely not a problem that would be causing us much concern. I never expected Randy to come out late on a Sunday afternoon but he did. I appreciate Randy and I trust what he says. I wish our roofing company would be as customer oriented as Randy is. You will not regret contacting Randy to do your home inspections!

Mary & Mark

LITERALLY the 1st choice

5.0 rating

Was given a few different contacts to get my home inspection done and knew, immediately, Randy and his wife were the right ones. We were in a crunch time and they were very accommodating.
About the Motes:
They were both very personable and polite. They knew we were first time home buyers and they were beyond helpful. Just all around HONORABLE people.
About the job: our appointment started at 10am and they did not leave until around 12:30 and was willing to come back later that afternoon to finish testing our water. They were very thorough with their inspection and thorough with their explanations; walked us through everything in detail from the little issues to things that weren’t necessarily a concern for the purchase but merely a recommendation.
You cannot choose another company to do your inspection unless it is 1st Choice Inspectors!

Marti Littlefield

Responsive, thorough, efficient and comprehensive!

5.0 rating

Not only did 1st Choice respond immediately to my inspection request, the inspection was scheduled within 24 hours and completed within three business days including the full inspection report!
When considering a house constructed in the 1880’s, my wife and I wanted the best available inspection and 1st Choice exceeded our every expectation. Short- and long-term challenges were identified so we could make an informed decision on our family’s path forward.
Thank you, 1st Choice, for being an integral part of our family’s future homestead!

Jeremy Alexander

Best Money We Have Ever Spent

5.0 rating

I was referred to Randy Motes by my Realtor. I texted him and he immediately responded, giving me all the information to arrange a home inspection. It was set up for the following week, only 5 days later. I received the report 2 days afterward. I was extremely pleased with the detail and amount of pictures provided. Per his inspection, we did not buy the house we were considering. The amount of problems with this house was abundant. This was the best money we have ever spent. We buy rental houses and I will certainly be calling Mr. Motes again.


Absolutely Great

5.0 rating

I was referred to Randy from my Realtor and when I contacted Randy via email, he responded back to me very quickly. I wasn’t able to be at the home inspection but Randy spoke with me prior to him going there and asked me if there were any things in particular that I was concerned about. I gave him a few items and said that a couple of those were only concerns to me because I’ve never had had them in a home, such as a septic tank and leaching field. Randy took the time to explain to me how septic tanks work and the maintenance that should be done to keep them in good shape over time. This information alone was worth the cost of the inspection. The photos and details that were in the report were great to have.
Randy has been great at following up with me on questions that arose after I received his report. He emailed me answers to my questions and concerns pretty late in the evening for him since we are in a different time zones. I recommend Randy and 1st Choice Inspections for anyone who need this service.
Randy is absolutely great at customer service!

Mark P.

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