Although power strips are commonplace in the house they can be extremely dangerous if not used correctly or if they malfunction. When power strips are properly used they do not cause hazards. But when a strip is used improperly it can cause safety issues and fire hazards.

There are some vital things to consider when using power strips in order to stay safe:

  1. Never use power strips for extended periods. I’m like a wall outlet power strips typically don’t have wire cement to handle extended periods of use.
  2. Learn the capacity of the main outlet you’re using. If the requirements exceed the circuit capacity you’re overloading the circuit and creating a fire hazard.
  3. Understand that a surge protector which may be built into some power strips may protect your electrical equipment from damage but it does not prevent a fire. Make sure your power strips have a surge protector built-in.
  4. Never use power strips and damp environments like the bathroom or kitchen counter or garage without climate control.
  5. If your power strip feels warm to the touch unplug it and replace it immediately.
  6. Never hide or cover a power strip or extension cord with anything flammable like a rug clothing or paper. Covering the strip traps the heat and dramatically increases the risk of fire.

If you notice anything out of the ordinary with your power strip like failure to work, high heat, unplug it and replace it immediately. Don’t become a part of the statistics keep your home and your devices safe with the right power strip.

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