Pilot lights – what exactly are they? Well, the exact description of this unique instrument and its function will be discussed in today’s article.

The pilot light is a small flame that is fueled by a small portion of gas supplied a gas line. Pilot lights are most often found in natural gas appliances such as gas stoves, water heaters, clothes dryers, fireplaces, and central heating systems. Sometimes if the flame goes out from the pilot light and be re-ignited. When the appliance is first turned on, the valve releases more gas, and thus ignites the pilot light. However, there is a danger that presents itself when igniting the light. If the flame suddenly stops, but the valve continues to supply the gas to the light, the gas could be released into your home, thus posing a serious danger.

Modern appliances offer an alternative option to traditional pilot lights and gas appliances. Appliances that use electricity are more often sought at now that gas stoves are somewhat obsolete.

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