One feature that some homeowners have become quite reliant on is having a garbage disposal in the kitchen sink. This is something that can turn out to be very handy for getting rid of unwanted stuff in your sink, but there is a possible downside to it as well. Many times the garbage disposal turns into a source for offensive odors in your kitchen. What is the cause of this? Usually it is organic matter that gets stuck in the blades and then starts to rot.

You can however do some things to prevent this from happening. One important habit to have when using a garbage disposal is to let the water run for a while after you grind things up. That way the water will clean off the blades. There are also some things that you should avoid putting down the garbage disposal. Broccoli, selleri and similar vegetables that have a lot of fibers in them can easily get wrapped around the blades and stick.

If you suspect something is stuck on the blades, running ice-cubes through the garbage disposal won’t damage the blades but allows debris to get cleaned off.

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