Do you live in a calm neighborhood? If so, you’re probably happy to enjoy the peace and quiet, but not every home is as quiet as it could be. The problem could be sounds generated inside the home, such as noisy pipes or appliances, or it could be that the home is poorly insulated against the noises outside the home.
Insulation doesn’t just prevent heat exchange between the inside of your home and the outside, it also prevents outside sound from disturbing you. Double-pane windows will be better at blocking sound than single-pane windows. Just as your windows and doors are the weak points when it comes to blocking your home from the outside elements, the same is true with noise.
If your appliances are generating a lot of noise, it might be time to upgrade to more modern appliances. These will not only be quieter, but they will also use less energy. If you have pipes that are noisy, you could invest the time and effort into insulating your pipes. Sometimes you might also need to make sure the pipes are anchored well to keep them from vibrating when in use.

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