Who doesn’t enjoy a good old-fashioned wood roof? While it might not be the most common material when it comes to roofing these days, there are a lot of beautiful homes out there with wood roofs. As long as they are well cared for, they can last a long time and look great. So what do you need to do to keep it in good repair? The main thing, as with many other types of roofing materials, is to keep water away. While it is inevitable for water to end up on the roof (unless it never rains where you live) you should make sure that the water has an easy path down from the roof. This involves clearing off branches and leaves and making sure that gutters and downspouts are working well.

You also have the danger of wood-destroying insects, that can infest your roof. It is a good idea to trim back trees near your home so there are no branches hanging over the roof. In fact, that is a good idea for many of the other issues that face wood roofs. You are less likely to have moss or mold to grow if you get more sunlight on your roof.

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What Every Home Buyer inFlorida Should Know

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