When you step out of the shower, do you have a cloud of steam coming out with you? There are many of us who love taking a hot shower, and while there isn’t anything harmful with that, the steam is another thing entirely. Air with high moisture can cause a range of issues in your home, such as water damage and mold, so it is important that the steam is vented outside of your home as quickly as possible. This is where your bathroom fan plays an integral role. A properly functioning fan will move large amounts of air quickly, but only if it is installed correctly. The ducts venting out the air need to be as straight as possible. You should also make sure that the fan is in good repair. A fan that squeals or wobbles when running should be replaced. You also need to clean it regularly, since dust easily builds up inside of the fan.

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What Every Home Buyer inFlorida Should Know

Buying a home in Florida? Then there is some important information you should know and that comes from a home inspector's point of view.

Buying a home is a big risk no matter how you look at it, but this information can make the difference between buying the home of your dreams... or ending up in a nightmare...

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