Is your home a safe haven for anyone living there or visiting? There are some dangers around your home that could pose a risk for the health and life of people if not addressed. Here are just a few:

If your sidewalk is uneven or cracked, this can be a trip hazard when walking up to your home. Fixing this could be expensive, but it is worth it to prevent someone from falling and possibly fracturing a leg or arm.

You should also keep your walkways free of debris, or, if you have kids, toys.

If you have trees in your yard that have branches reaching out over the walkway, are they healthy and are the branches trimmed back so as not to break off easily?

When it comes to your electrical system, is it wired correctly, so as to minimize the risk of electrocution? Are outlets covered with faceplates or are there exposed wires?

Are your stairs uneven? If there is carpet on your stairs, is it firmly attached?

Considering all these things, as well as, any other obvious safety dangers, you can make your home safer to be in.

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What Every Home Buyer inFlorida Should Know

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