Why are termites so dangerous for a homeowner? The reason is that they can eat away at crucial parts of your home while being very difficult to spot. The rate at which termites eat wood depends largely on the size of the colony. The bigger the colony, the quicker your home will take damage.

So, how can you find out if you have a problem with termites, since they mostly spend their time inside your walls? You will need to look for signs of their activity. If you walk around your home and knock on the walls and notice that sawdust comes out, then you should take a closer look. In the spring, when termites swarm, you might notice them flying around your lights. You can also find their shed wings on windowsills and similar locations.

You should also take preventive measures. Trim back shrubs and old trees near your home that can serve as food for termites. Don’t stack firewood or old wood pallets nearby either, since they could already contain termites.

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