Is ladder safety important at home? Yes – portable ladders are one of the leading causes of falls and injuries at home. Knowing how to use the ladder properly at home decreases your chances of risk and injury. Whether you’re cleaning your gutters or fixing a roof, you’ll most likely need a ladder to get the job done. Keep these ladder safety tips in mind:

  • Preparation is the key to ladder safety. Before you climb the ladder inspect the ladder for cracked or broken parts. Be sure that all the locks on the extension ladder are properly engaged.
  • If you’re using the ladder outside do not use it during windy or inclement weather.
  • To set your ladder at the right angle, place its base a quarter of the working length of the ladder from the wall or other vertical surface.
  • Avoid using a ladder if you feel dizzy tired or are impaired.
  • When the ladder is in use never stand on the top rung of the latter and less it’s designed for this activity.
  • Never have someone climb up the ladder to bring you something only one person should be on the ladder at a time.
  • Maintain three points of contact through a combination of hand and feet at all times.
  • Face the ladder and always grip the wrongs, not the side rails. Never lean or overreach when working on a ladder.

Keep these ladder safety tips in mind the next time you climb to ensure the completed job is done in a safe and timely matter.

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