Replacing an old shower head is not a very difficult job, but it could seem a little intimidating if you have never worked on plumbing fixtures before. The job can be straightforward unless you run into a shower head that has rusted to the pipe and is stuck there. Naturally, your first step should always be to turn of the water supply before you start working. You don’t want to have water gushing out all over the place. You will need to be careful removing a shower head from a rusted pipe, since you could damage the pipes by using too much force. Attaching 2 wrenches will let you turn the nuts without putting too much pressure on the pipe itself. If it can’t be removed, you might need to contact a plumber that can help.

After removing the old shower head, you should clean up the pipe well, removing any traces of teflon tape that might have been there before. After that you can apply new teflon tape and put your new shower head on the pipe.

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