How long do you think a home inspection takes? Most probably think it should be as fast as possible, but did you know that you can have a hand in making it as quick as possible? You accomplish this by minimizing the things that will delay your inspection.

There are 2 things to consider – access and repairs.

There are many areas where your inspector needs to get access that could currently be blocked. If you have a lot of bushes growing around your home, trimming them back for the home inspector to be able to see the foundation and your siding easily will make it much quicker. All your major appliances should also be easily accessible, so clearing away any clutter that could impede access will also save time.

When it comes to repairs, you probably are aware of things that need to be fixed. Don’t just leave them and hope that the inspector won’t notice.

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What Every Home Buyer inFlorida Should Know

Buying a home in Florida? Then there is some important information you should know and that comes from a home inspector's point of view.

Buying a home is a big risk no matter how you look at it, but this information can make the difference between buying the home of your dreams... or ending up in a nightmare...

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