There are many different bugs that you as a homeowner will need to deal with. Some are damaging to your home, some could be attacking you, while others are just a bother, but most of us will want to have them removed no matter what category they fall under.

Sewer gnats definitely fall under the third category since they don’t do any damage, but they can be very pesky and difficult to get rid of. Sewer gnats can easily be mistaken for fruit flies, but they will usually be found around your bathroom since they live in your sewage pipes.

If you do find that you have an infestation of sewer gnats, you will have a hard time getting it taken care of. While some have had success removing the infestation by pouring very hot water down the drain, many times the sewer gnats survive this. A better solution is to mechanically remove their nest from your pipes using a snake or something similar, but often this is not something that most homeowners have on hand.

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