When you use water from rain barrels you are taking an important step in doing your part to conserve water. Installing rain barrels to harvest the rain that falls on your roof is a great way to collect rainwater. This easy and efficient method allows your gutters to do the work for you and simply direct you’re downspout into your rain barrel system.

Since most rain barrels only hold about 50 to 55 gallons, water collected from a single storm could fill one. Here are a few ways to use the water from your rain barrel:

  1. Use rainwater to wash your car. If you have a natural grass lawn wash your car over the lawn to get even more use out of the water.
  2. Irrigate your natural grass lawn with water collect it from your gutter system.
  3. Water your trees and plants with harvested water.
  4. Spray your artificial grass lawn with collected water to remove dust.
  5. Spray your concrete brick or paving stones and walkways with recycled water.
  6. Use collected water to wash down mailboxes, dog houses, and other exterior features.
  7. You can use reclaimed rainwater to rinse out recyclable bottles and cans before you put them in the recycling bin.

It is usually recommended that you do not use water from rain barrels to irrigate plants ground for food.

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