Are you getting cold yet? As winter begins, temperatures start to drop, especially at night. Is your home ready for this? Cold weather can cost you money, but it could also damage your home, so preparing makes sense.

Wherever you lose heat, you are also losing money. It could be that you have ducts that are leaking, or it could be poor insulation, single pane windows, or just cracks in the walls of your home. Sometimes you will be able to notice this from the outside of your home where the warm inside air is melting snow and ice. If it isn’t that obvious, you might be able to use a thermal imager to see areas of the home that are unusually warm on the outside.

If your attic isn’t insulated well, you can lose a lot of heat since hot air rises up. If there is excessive icicle formation on your roof, you should take a look at the insulation. Insulation is also important on your pipes, since a lot of energy can be lost from uninsulated pipes. It also puts them at risk for freezing.

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