Sealing bad smells out of your home is probably pretty high up on your list, and when it comes to your sewer lines, you don’t want anything coming back up. Unfortunately, in some homes, a failing p-trap could allow this to happen. Your p-traps are specifically designed to block sewer gasses from seeping into your home, but for them to function properly, the water inside of the bend needs to completely block the passage in the pipe. If the water runs low for some reason, the gas can pass by and cause terrible smells in your home.
There are many different reasons why sewer gasses could be leaking into your home. It could be a small leak in your p-trap that lets the water out, it could be installed improperly so that the water doesn’t stay where it should, or it could be that the sink isn’t used very frequently and thus allowing the water to evaporate over time.
The solution for the first two issues is naturally repairing the p-trap, but if it is unused for long periods of time, you might want to make a habit to run some water in the sink to keep the p-trap topped off. If that is something you’d rather avoid, you can install a tap primer that will fill up the p-trap automatically when it drops low.

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