Your home is a finely balanced building. Everything needs to be properly supported for it to stay in the place it’s meant to be. This is why any major remodel will need you to consider which walls are bearing so as not to turn it into a disaster. For this reason, adjustable steel columns are essential whenever a load bearing wall is removed. This is not a simple matter, so installation of adjustable steel columns needs to be overseen by a structural engineer. He or she will determine the location and the manner in which the columns need to be installed.

Adjustable steel columns must be installed straight. In fact, there can’t be more than 1 inch of incline when measured over the entire length of the column. It also needs to be mechanically fastened both on the top and bottom. While they are used for temporary work, they can also be a permanent installation in some homes, and they should be inspected regularly to make sure that they will not fail. Rust can damage the integrity of the column, so if the protective paint on the column gets scratched, it should be replaced.

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