Lead is a very interesting metal. It is soft and pliable, which is why it was used in so many different applications in the past. Electronics, paint, pipes, and many other things saw lead added for one reason or other. Only later was it found that lead can cause serious neurological issues, especially in children. This is why you need to be careful with older homes. You might be able to spot lead in your home if you take some time looking around. Paint that flakes in a scale-like manner likely contain lead. Pipes that can be easily scratched with a sharp object are also probably made out of lead.
If you want to remove lead paint, you need to be very careful. Sanding lead paint can release the lead into the air as fine particles that you could then breathe in. If you aren’t experienced, you should get help from someone that is. As for your pipes, you will probably need a plumber to take a look at them and replace them if necessary.

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